Monkey Love

Burning Man Camp

Monkey Love is a Burning Man focused sound-camp and brand heading into it’s third year. The show runners at Monkey Love approached us at conception and gave us the opportunity to create the staging and dance floor areas with total creative liberty. The Monkey Love stage and supporting areas serve as DJ booth, dance floor, hangout area, meetup point and directional-beacon (literally) while on the Playa at Burning Man.

Two nearly-identical 30 foot trees serve as DJ booth and elevated platform for dancers and spectators. For stability, the trees have hefty, steel structures which serve as bases for the plywood and polycarbonate modular pieces that give the structures their look. Each piece holds 2-3 10-watt LED lights inside, and when lit up, the site can be seen from exceptionally far distances at night.

Client: Monkey Love
Services: Design, Fabrication, Install