City Hearts

Our relationship with the Desert Hearts crew stems back years, with us originally working with them on several installations for their flagship festival in 2013. Our desires to collaborate on a larger scale came to fruition in December of 2015 when they approached us about designing and fabricating a traveling DJ booth for their upcoming City Hearts tour.

Their framework for this piece included it being relatively lightweight-but-durable; the setup needed to be simple enough to ensure their team could setup and take it apart at each stop of the tour without us being present. However, above all, we needed to create something with big impact. To solve for the criteria, we incorporated our concept and design with travel-friendly flight cases. We’re proud to say this piece is still on tour with our friends and has visited most major cities in the country– Miami, New York, DC, Denver, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle.

Client: City Hearts
Services: Branding, Design, Fabrication